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A Need for Speed— Moving to Ubuntu

image As much as I have been enjoying Windows 7 RC on my HP Mini Netbook, I had a need for more speed. Win7 was a big improvement in the MS world, especially over the lethargic Vista, but I wanted more. After all, Netbooks are not built from the most cutting edge technologies, and have limited resources. I upped the horsepower a bit by upgrading to 2 GB of ram and adding another 16GB SD card (total of 32GB on-board), but still this doesn’t compare to my Macbook Pro. But, I cant let mere hardware get in my way…

I haveĀ  been running Ubuntu Linux from a 2GB thumb drive for a bit while writing a few posts on Cloud Computing and Netbooks at Stree-Free Productivity:

I found after running it for a while, that I really liked the way it ran on the Netbook. The desktop effects and configuration were near equal to Windows 7, but the speed was better; even when running the “Live” image thumb drive. So, Jonesin’ for the feeling of acceleration I took the plunge and did a full install of Ubuntu 9.04.


It turned out to be a good move. What was a lethargic yet fun tool is now running on nitrous. The perceived speed increase is drastic. The OS and applications are now very responsive and agile. Its like I upgraded to a computer twice the price. With the computing worlds move towards Cloud Computing I can still perform the same tasks as I had on Windows 7.

Do you have a need for speed?

Check out my post above “Get many of the benefits of Chrome OS Now” and see how to get your work done on Linux.

Mark Nassal

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